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MIX Olympics

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik Announces Winners of the 2012 Mix Olympics

M80 Gold medal winners decided by the recording artists featured in each event.
M80 SILVER winners decided by a panel of guest judges
M80 BRONZE winners decided by the staff members at TELEFUNKEN

"You & Me & The Radio" by Human Radio
GOLD - Sebastian Brozek, Gdansk, POLAND
SILVER - Jacob Rye, Missouri, USA
BRONZE - Maciej Stach, Krakow, POLAND

"For I Am The Moon" by Sunshine Garcia Band
GOLD - Tony Bosco, Tennessee, USA
SILVER - Artur Lutynski, POLAND
BRONZE - Gabriel Rondeau, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

"Girls With Glasses" by Terry Anderson and the Olympics Ass-Kickin Team
GOLD - Wilfredo Franco, Cali, COLUMBIA
SILVER - Jameson Durr, California, USA
BRONZE - Emanuele Perilli, Nereto, ITALY

Over 200 individual mixes were submitted across the three mixing events. TELEFUNKEN staff members split into groups to listen and comb through each mix submitted. We listened on Sennheisser, Sony and AKG headphones to start, with additional listening done in our studio on Genelec, Meyer, APS and Neumann monitors, as well as in our home studios and car stereos.

General Consensus
Many of the more creative mixes were not necessarily the best sounding mixes, while some of the best sounding mixes lacked the creative spark the song or performance needed.

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