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TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik Presents: Francis Dunnery & Dorie Jackson Multi-Track Session Files

Francis Dunnery & Dorie Jackson: "Holiday" & "Heartache Reborn" live acoustic duo - Recorded at "The Studio," Philadelphia, PA 23.02.2011

Francis and Dorie in the Studio

During the initial set up to record the song "Immaculate," two "warm up" songs were recorded as an acoustic duo. These songs were called "Holiday" and "Heartache Reborn." The recording served two purposes: the first (and most important) was to get the performers warmed up prior to recording "Immaculate," and the second was to see how the different mics sounded on each voice.

The song "Holiday" came first. An ELA M 260 w/hyper-cardioid capsule was positioned about a foot off the 12th fret of the guitar looking back at the sound hole. This mic would be moved between the two sets of vocal mic trial rigs between songs. For "Holiday," Francis was setup in front of an ELA M 251 E and U-47 (both in cardioid — so when you hear the soloed tracks you will notice considerable guitar bleed). Dorie was setup in front of a C-12 and AK-47 MkII. They ran a quick version of the song as we listened to how the different microphones coupled with their voices in the control room.

At the conclusion of "Holiday" we took a couple minutes to reposition the singers, move the microphones to appropriate heights (as well as the ELA M 260 for the guitar) and tried Francis on the C-12 / AK-47 MkII rig and Dorie on the ELA M 251E / U-47 rig for the recording of "Heartache Reborn."

Each of these tracks is available for you to solo. You will not only hear how the mics coupled with each singer, but also what a wonderful job they did of picking up the indirect guitar sound.

Download the zips below, which are grouped by type for quicker download (total filesize of all files: 475 MB). There are also .wav and .mp3 rough mixes of both songs and the complete input list in PDF format, and, for fast broadband connections, one complete zip containing all the files.

Listen to the rough mixes:

"Heartache Reborn":   

Download ZIPs by Catagory

Francis Dunnery & Dorie Jackson: "Holiday" & "Heartache Reborn" live acoustic duo - Recorded at "The Studio," Philadelphia, PA 23.02.2011

HEARTACHE REBORN audio duo acoustic
HOLIDAY audio duo acoustic
HEARTBREAK REBORN rough mix .wav
HEARTBREAK REBORN rough mix .mp3
HOLIDAY rough mix .wav
HOLIDAY rough mix .mp3
COMPLETE: all files (469 MB)

Francis & Dorie - Studio Francis & Dorie

Dorie Jackson
Francis Dunnery

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