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TELEFUNKEN's New Direct Boxes

DISCOUNTINUED: ELA M 251 with AC701 tube

DISCOUNTINUED: ELA M 251 with AC701 tube

Our supply of the ultra-rare new old stock TELEFUNKEN AC701 vacuum tubes has been depleted and we can no longer offer the ELA M 251 microphone as a standard production model. Our lab will continue to retain a stock of these tubes for future warranty issue, however, the AC701 tube will no longer be available for microphone production. Please note that we will continue to produce our most popular flag ship microphone, the ELA M 251E, which features the more common GE JAN 6072a vacuum tube.

TELEFUNKEN's New Direct Boxes

TELEFUNKEN Announces Name Change for Its New Passive,
Mono and Dual Direct Boxes

Direct Box Name Change Announcement

Our friends at Millennia Multi Media have a product with the same name as our recently released TD-1 direct box. As this product precedes our direct boxes by nearly 15 years we are being asked to change the name of our TD-1 to the TDP-1. For consistencies sake, we will also change the name of our TD-2 to the TDP-2 at the completion of the current production run. Nothing else related to the design of these direct box models will change, just the product names.

National 12AT7WA

National 12AT7WA Vacuum Tube

AR-51 & AR-70 STEREO Vacuum
Tube Updates

Effective January 2017 the AR-51 and AR-70 STEREO microphones will ship with a new old stock National 12AT7WA vacuum tube, replacing the R-F-T ECC81 tube that was used from 2009 to 2014, and the GE ECC81 that was used from 2014 to the end of 2016. Originally made in England by the Mullard factory and intended for use in Television and FM Tuners as an oscillator, the National 12AT7WA is deemed acceptable for military applications by the original "WA" designation.



M80-SH and M81-SH Product Updates

Effective January 2017 the M80-SH and M81-SH low profile microphones will begin shipping with an upgraded powder coated head grill. We have found this hard coat finish is more durable than the chrome finishes, adding strength and structural reinforcement to the microphone. All future orders requesting M80-SH and M80-SHB will be shipped the new M80-SH with black head grill. All future orders for the M81-SH will be shipped with the grey head grill. The original chrome and black chrome head grills are still available as accessory items from our custom shop.

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