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New Hard Shell Flight Cases for R-F-T Series & ELA M 260

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is excited to announce a new line of hard shell flight cases now available for the AK-47mkII, AR-51, CU-29 and ELA M 260 tube microphone systems. Virtually indestructible, the TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik rugged hard cases have innovative features for unmatched strength and durability. They are waterproof up to a depth of 3 feet and built to withstand the most extreme conditions. Inside the cases customized foam offers an extremely tailored, custom fit for the R-F-T Series or ELA M 260 microphone systems. These cases are now being offered with the AK-47mkII, AR-51, CU-29 and ELA M 260 microphones for an additional $99 when purchased with the systems, or $149 when purchased individually.

R-F-T Hard Shell Flight Cases

New Flight Case Model:
HC00 - CU-29 tube mic system
HC01 - AR-51, AK-47mkII tube mic systems
HC60 - ELA M 260 tube mic system
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TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik announces expansion on premium XLR and TRS cable line. Fourteen new models round out the line of 16 XLR and TRS cables, including various lengths for multiple applications on the stage and studio. Made in the USA, the new TELEFUNKEN STMC XLR and TRS cables feature four high-strand count, oxygen-free copper conductors sealed in audiophile-grade, low loss polyethylene insulators. A braided copper shield protects the conductors from additional RFI and EMI noise, resulting in a premium audio that assures sonic accuracy and clarity as well as the legendary tone TELEFUNKEN products are known for. Ideal for microphone, preamplifier and monitor speaker applications.

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U47 & U48 Power Supply and Cable Design Change

Effective this fall the U47 and U48 microphones will begin shipping with the M840TH cable and M940H power supply. The new cable and power supply feature historically accurate Tuchel type male and female connectors and will make seamlessly with any unmodified vintage Neumann or TELEFUNKEN U47 or U48 microphone system. TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik will continue to offer the M840 and M840T cables as well as the M940 power supply for repairs and restorations, but new U47 and U48 microphones will now feature the historically correct Tuchel connector type M840TH cable and M940H power supply.

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See and buy the M940H power supply in the T-funk Store.

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